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For over 50 years, our hospital has provided trustworthy pet care for your furry friends

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Our puppy and kitten discount package plans are made to help you save money while adding a new addition to your home. Save on booster shots and much more!


We also offer discounted Junior and Senior Wellness packages!




We are now carrying BRAVECTO Flea & Tick Prevention for dogs & cats!

Bravecto is the first to provide 12 weeks of continuous protection against fleas & ticks!  

Thats right!  Just one dose every 90 days.   Available in chewable treat for dogs of all sizes and topical application for cats.  

For more information visit:



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No more thermometers up the what?!!


Brenner Animal Hospital is now offering the newest technology with the Home Again Microchip.  Our Home Again Microchips now can also register your pets temperature once implated under the skin and can be read with any microchip scanner that can detect temperature as well.  If your pet was chipped elsewhere and you would like us to see if their chip also detects temperature just mention during your next visit!

**Rectal thermometry is still the most accurate estimation of your pets core body temperature and is always recommended if your pet is sick. 


Hill's Recall. If you purchase prescription OR over the counter canned dog food for your pets please check link below and make sure you don't have any of these in your home. If so please contact the company you purchased the food from and they will let you know how to get refunded and replaced.


Please click on link below or go to for more info.

Hill's Recall