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February is National Pet Dental Health Month!  

Receive 15% off all dental cleanings and related

services from Feb 1st-Feb 28th.  

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Our puppy and kitten discount package plans are made to help you save money while adding a new addition to your home. Save on booster shots and much more!


If you're going out-of-town, board your pet with us. Get a complimentary

bath  &  nail trimming when your pet stays for 7 days or more. Visit anytime to see our facilities.

The junior wellness package

The senior wellness


Exciting news:

Oral flea and

tick prevetion

For dogs 7 years and under

Is your dog due or already getting a heartworm test and fecal test? For only $25 more your dog can get so much more.

The Junior wellnes includes the following:

CBC (complete blood count)

Blood chemistry

Complete urinalysis

Complete fecal testing

Heartworm test including detection for tick borne diseases (Lyme, Ehrlichea, & Anaplasma).

*Having a baseline is KEY to prevention!

This profile is available at a cost of $139.50

For cats under 7 years

The Junior wellness includes the following:

CBC (complete blood count)

Blood chemistry

Complete urinalysis

This profile is available at a cost of $79.50

NexGard is the first chewable product that can kill fleas and ticks while remaining extremely safe for dogs.


It's recommended for dogs with allergies, families with children, or those who don't want to use topical products. Get more information here:


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Our amazing Patients

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For dogs & cats 7 years and older

Is your dog or cat slowing down, drinking more frequently, sleeping more, or has a change in appetite? These are just a few signs that something may be changing with them that may indicate a problem that should be investigated. As your senior pet ages it is very important to look for changes in them and catch diseases early before its too late. They should have yearly examinations and blood profiles completed yearly to catch problems early that can easily be fixed by a change in diet or adding a medication.

The Senior Wellness Package includes:

Complete physical examination

Comprehensive blood profile (cbc, cehmistry, thyroid)

Complete urinalysis and Fecal testing

Chest radiographs, ECG, blodd pressure, and Occular eye pressure)

Your cost is $479.50 (A total savings of $300 in discounts)