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Buy 2 doses of Bravecto Flea & Tick prevention you will receive a $15 mail in rebate or buy 4 doses and receive a $35 mail in rebate.  Expires 12/31/2019.

Heartgard $12 Rebate

Buy 12 doses of Heartgard heartworm prevention you receive a $12 mail in rebate. Expires 12/31/2019.





April Special - Heartworm Awareness Month!


When you get your pets 4DX (Heartworm/Anaplasma/Ehrlichea/Lyme) test done with us and purchase at least a 6 month supply of Heartworm prevention receive 20% off** of these items and service with mention of this ad! Call 301-725-5400 or email today to schedule your appointment!


Hope to see you in April!!



Brenner Animal Hospital Staff


**Only valid when both testing and prevention are purchased on same day/visit. Exam not required if your pet has seen the doctor for an exam within past 6 months.












Vectra & Heartworm Prevention

$25 Rebate

Buy 6 doses of Vectra 3D and 6 doses of EITHER Heartgard OR Interceptor and received a $25 mail in rebate.  No Experation date at this time.


Heartgard and Flea/Tick Prevention

$50 Rebate

Buy 12 doses of Heartgard  and 12 doses of EITHER Nexgard OR Frontline and received a $50 mail in rebate.  Expires 12/31/2019


**Also ask us about our Hill's Prescription diet coupons!!