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Hill's Recall. If you purchase prescription OR over the counter canned dog food for your pets please check link below and make sure you don't have any of these in your home. If so please contact the company you purchased the food from and they will let you know how to get refunded and replaced.


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Keep your pet's teeth clean with our help

After over 50 years of service our team understands your pet's dental needs.

Schedule a cleaning

Careful examination

Constant monitoring

Helpful anesthesia

Our dental procedures begin with a careful exam and overall body function check before anesthesia is used. Fluids and an IV catheter are also used as a precaution.

One technician constantly monitors your pet while the other does the cleaning. EKG, pulse oximeter, blood pressure, and body temperature are constantly monitored.

We sedate your pet because otherwise they will not allow dental cleanings to be performed. Sedation is always done according to age, weight, and condition. Sedation allows us to completely clean and polish the teeth and go under the gum line where dangerous baceria is found.

Tartar removal

Fluoride treatment

Injectable antibiotics

Tartar removal is done with hand instruments and ultrasonic equipment. Polishing the teeth helps smooth down surfaces and make them resistant to new plaque.

This important part of the dental prophylaxis procedure decreases teeth sensitivity and plaque formation rate while strengthening enamel and providing antibacterial effects.

Dental cleanings are often performed when tooth and gum disease is already present. In some cases antibiotics are necessary. Injectable antibiotics are used in some cases where more advanced periodontal disease is found. Oral medication is also prescribed when needed.

Dental Cleaning Under Anesthesia

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